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Did you know that a great credit report is essential to getting the most out of life?

A higher credit score can save you thousands of dollars on a car, mortgage, refi, credit cards and more. 

According to a study by the Public Interest Research Group, more than 79% of credit reports contain errors and misleading information. This coupled with the credit bureau's indifference to 

report correct information and "bad credit" is becoming more common than ever before. Put the power of The Fair Credit Reporting Act to work in your favor and improve your   credit today.                                                                                                         



Why Hire a Credit Repair Company?

Bad credit can affect every aspect of your life. Everything from employment, qualifying for an auto or home loan to even obtaining insurance, can all be impacted by your credit score. Sure, you can do it yourself, but doing it on your own can be a time consuming and stressful process. Hiring a professional to repair your credit will often save you time and money - and a lot of stress. 

We can help! No one can match our knowledge and experience to guide you through improving your credit profile and increasing your credit scores. Get started with no upfront fees! Call today at 410-833-3939 or email us at for a free consultation.




Thinking about purchasing a home or a new car? Have you experienced a foreclosure, judgements, repossession, or bank lien? We can help you achieve your financial goals.

Follow our simple 5 step process to get your credit on the right track! 

1. Sign Up! You may sign up one of the following ways: 

  • Click the sign-up button anywhere on the site to proceed. 
  • Click on the Contact Us page and choose "Free Consultation" as the reason for contact. 
  • Email us at 
  • Call us at 410-833-3939. 

2. Consult with a Rescore, LLC credit specialist in person or by phone to discuss and review your credit history. We will then work with you to develop a plan of attack to improve your scores across the board. Should you decide to work with us, you will be required to complete new customer paperwork and submit your copies of ID at this time. 

3. Order and download your annual credit reports and scores from the three primary credit reporting bureaus - Experian, Equifax, and Transunion. Rescore, LLC will assist you with this process and provide you with written instructions to help with this task. 

4. Rescore, LLC goes to work for you and acts on your behalf communicating with creditors and credit bureaus. You can track your progress using our customized customer portals. Check out our Credit Info page to see the types of transactions we can help you remove from your credit report. 

5. As items on your credit report are updated and removed, your credit score will begin to increase. Once you've reached your desired score, our work is done!